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  • Gemma Johnston

Don't Want Your Dog Jumping On The Couch Or Bed?

Firstly, you need to establish with the whole family what is or isn’t allowed.

You can be confusing the dog by one person letting the dog do something completely different to the rest of the household, where they would normally scold the dog. We need everyone on the same page!

  • Determine what couches & beds it is allowed on & what ones it is not, if any at all

  • Determine if the dog is allowed up on these on its own accord or if it must be invited up first

What to do:

  • Set up training situations of below. Don’t just expect this to work when you need it to. If you haven’t practiced it, its going to fall appart.

  • The teach an “On” Command Examples: Up, On, Hup. What ever you like–(If you don’t want your dog to go on beds or couches at all, DON’T teach this command)

  • To do this use a treat & encourage him to hop up onto the couch. Once he is on the couch, say YES! & reward him. Repeat until the dog knows the command.

  • Teach an “Off” Command. When the dog is on the couch say NOPE! Grab hold of his collar firmly & use a food lure to get him onto the ground. Once on the ground let go of his collar, say YES! And reward. Repeat!

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