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  • Gemma Johnston

Does Your Dog Pull On Leash?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

This is a very common problem a lot of owners have, so you’re not alone. Most dogs will pull out of excitement.

  • They know they are heading to the park or their usual location

  • They are excited to get out of the house

  • There are exciting things ahead like smells, people, other dogs and much more

  • Their mind in general is very hectic & has trouble settling (Can be due to breed)

  • You have not taught them what you’d like them to do instead of pulling

  • They have unspent energy

The first point of call is to teach them what we would like them to do instead!

  • Heel

  • Turn With You (Left, Right and 180)

  • Auto Sit When You Stop

And doing this in an area that isn’t exciting!

Have you ever tried to learn something or get a job done when you were excited & distracted by everything that was going on? Didn’t go too well did it?

Don’t expect to go for your hour walk anytime soon, that is your end goal but there are many little achievements in between

Start in a quiet place, the lounge room or back yard. Once they have mastered it here, move to the drive way or path out the front. Then try at your local park at quiet times and over tome slowly increase the distractions.

The other key point to this is food drive to be able to reward your dog for the right behaviour. Head to our Blog on “My Dog Doesn't Like Treats” to see the importance of using food & how to ensure your dog takes food rewards on walks

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