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I Want To Get Into IGP Or Mondioring, Can You Coach Me?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Short answer is yes, we do & can coach you in IGP & Mondioring Dog Sports.

However, we will first need to know if you wish to do these Dog Sports for fun or if you are taking this seriously, wishing to trial.

If You Are Doing It For Fun
Great! All we ask is that:

· You are still very committed to your training, just like training for anything else.

· You understand IGP & Mondioring involves teaching very complex task. It takes a lot of patience & hard work to achieve some of these things you may see dogs & handlers doing. You may spend months needing to work on a small task. We make it look too easy.

· You understand this is a lifestyle. Everything you do on a daily will affect your dog’s IGP/Mondioring training, so you may have set backs if you have “undesirable” habits in your dogs everyday life

· Your dog may not be suitable for the Character or Bite Work due to their temperament. Please do not be disheartened if this is the case, as not doing 1/3 phases is in the best interest of your dog. You will still be able to work on Toy Play, Obedience & Tracking

I Want To Trial My Dog!

Fantastic! However, now you have higher expectations to meet. And not just you, your dog of choice too.

If you wish to take this sport seriously, you need the right dog. I’m not just talking about having any old German Shepherd, Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Doberman or Rottweiler. But having the right dog with the right genetic make up & temperament!

If you don’t have the right dog, chances are you’ll never be trial ready or if you do decide to trial, you’ll fail.

What Is The Right Dog?

The right dog is:

· Environmentally sound

· Confident around people/Isn’t inflicted by man

· Isn’t dog aggressive

· Isn’t defensive

· Has immense prey drive

· Has high drive for food & toys

· Ideally comes from working bloodlines but isn’t always necessary.

· Ideally you should be contacting us to book in training when you have placed your deposit on your puppy so we can begin training from 6-9 weeks old

· Ideally you specifically stated to the breeder your desire to use the dog for dog sports & the puppy they have provided from PROVEN working lines.

***Please note***

1. Not all breeders who sell working lines are true & proven working line

2. If you purchase a true & proven working line pup, unfortunately the dog still may not be suitable & this may not be realised until the dog has matured. Some pups can be duds which is a very unfortunate situation to have.

I Think I Have The Right Dog But They Are Older Than 18 Weeks Of Age, Can I Still Use This Dog?

It is certainly possible depending on how old your dog is, what habits you have already taught it & how easy it will be to train out any undesirable habits that are a downfall in Dog Sports. Send us a message telling us more about your dog. We can always organise an assessment to see if your dog is suitable

I Think I Have The Right Dog, But He Is Not The Generic Breed You Mentioned Above.

Again, it is certainly possible depending on age, behavioural habits & temperament. There are some rare good ones out there that are mutts or not the generic breed for the sport. Send us a message telling us more about your dog. We can always organise an assessment to see if your dog is suitable

My Expectations Of You, For Me To Coach You

· You must be EXTREAMLY committed & dedicated to the sport

· You must understand this is a way of life. A lifestyle, people who trial live & breathe Dog Sport.

· You must understand the habits you have in your everyday life with your dog can unravel all your sport dog training if you are not careful

· You must have great patience, coordination & attention to fine detail. As we will be working on very subtle & complex behaviours, which takes A LOT of hard work. You may be stuck on one small task for weeks before you can move onto the next step. (yes we make it look easy in videos but it’s really not)

· You must follow my training instructions to the letter or the training will fail, take longer or develop problems

· Expect to have weekly obedience lessons for the duration of the dog’s sporting career, plus sending me constant & ongoing homework videos of you practicing.

· Expect to attend secondary lessons for character or protection work

· A vast range of training tools will need to be used & purchased to effectively train your dog. Dog Sports are not kind to your wallet or watch.

****Please Note – IGP or Mondioring is NOT about Security or Guard Dogs. We are only training Sporting Dogs! We do not & will not help you to train a guard dog***

If you have any further questions after reading this, would like to know more about Private Lessons, prices or would like to book in, send us a message!

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