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Is Your Dog Losing Its Bananas When Visitor Arrive?

This can be very frustrating for most owners, as we don’t want to annoy our guest or have our dog knock grandma over. We also want to relax, entertain our visitors and enjoy ourselves. Which is hard when fido is jumping on them, crying or barking for attention, stealing the food from the table and much more.

Teach Fido that its in his best interest to relax & that visitors is not a que or signal to lose his bananas. Give him clear training on what you would prefer him to do instead & install boundaries, rules & structure into your everyday lifestyle with Fido

Alternative behaviours to teach the dog to do instead:

  • Place Training (Mat or Bed)

  • Crate Training

  • Sit and/or Drop

  • Address jumping up in all areas

  • Impulse Control

Other behaviours to teach that will help to address this problem

  • Door Manners

  • Addressing any food or object stealing

Teaching your dog place & crate training will:

  • Allow for him to clearly know where he must stay

  • Teaching him to chill and relax while in place or crate is also very important. We don’t want him crying or barking from these places either.

  • It gives him his own personal space away from the commotion

  • It keeps him out the way as the visitors settle in

Teaching sit & drop will:

  • Let you command your dog to be stationary no matter what’s going on - The dog can not leave sit or drop until told

  • Fantastic for emergency situations where you need Fido to stop immediately

Impulse Control will:

  • Teach your dog to stay in place, crate, sit or drop no matter what's going on. It doesn’t matter if kids are running around, food had been dropped, some one has stood up, the footy is being kicked. They will clearly understand and desire to stay in these positions that have been commanded

Jumping up will:

  • Obviously teach your dog not to jump on guests & knock grandma over


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