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My Dog Doesn’t Come Back, Help!?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

It’s a scary situation to be in when your dog doesn’t recall. They could get hit by a car, get lost for hours or days, or end up in a dog fight.

This is why its best to not let your dog off the leash until you have gone through professional training to teach them a recall.


We pride ourselves on having the ability to teach dogs recall with happy & enthusiastic attitudes. Giving both dog & owner the enjoyment of off leash freedom with control.

However, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes A LOT of hard work!

The dog must know how to recall in MANY different environments, around MANY different distractions before its ready to be left off the leash.

It is quite a complex task but has high probabilities of being achieved. I have many clients who wouldn’t even dream of letting their dogs off leash, as they have had so many issues in the past. These clients are now able to enjoy having their dog off leash, where they never thought possible, due to the training.

Services suitable to help you with these issues are:

· Private Lesson

· Board & Train

Your Commitment

As I mentioned, this is a complex task that takes a lot of effort & doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to be committed to the training, work hard, do your homework & following instructions to the letter.

If you do not, you will take longer than necessary to achieve off leash freedom or you wont achieve it at all.

YOU impact on the dogs learning. If YOU don’t do things correctly or don’t do your home work your dog will struggle to learn, learn slowly, become stressed, frustrated or confused with YOU.

I am not only here to teach the dog but also to teach YOU.

Why You Are Having These Issues

As much as we don’t want to hear it, dogs are very selfish animals. (Yeah, sorry, all those things on Google that you read about dogs or your breed being loyal is a bunch of lies)

Dogs only do things to benefit themselves & better their current situation. Whatever that may be.

This is why your dog isn’t listening to you when you call them to come back. They simply has much better & more interesting things to do than listen to you or come back.

It is also why you might find your recall to be inconsistent. Examples:

· He listens at home but not out of the house - You dog has nothing better to do at home

· When its time to go home he wont recall - Its not in his best interest to go home

· He listens to my husband/wife/family member more than me

· He recalls until I run out of cheese to feed him - You are no longer in his best interest due to the food running out

· He listens until there is a distraction - You where in his best interest, untill something better came along

How Can We Help You With This Problem?

We need to make it in your dog’s best interest to listen to you & follow instructions. While still being happy & enthusiastic about it!

We can help you to do this with our modern training methods - Operant Conditioning

You will learn:

· How to make it in your dog’s best interest to listen to you

· The phycology behind how your dog ACTUALLY thinks

· What your dog values & how to use their values to your advantage

· How to teach your dog a rock solid recall foundation position

· How to build on that foundation with distance, distractions, duration & location

· How to use your advance training skills when you are ready for the advance level of recall

If you have any further questions after reading this, would like to know more about our services, prices, availabilities or how we can help, send us a message!

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