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My Dog Doesn’t Listen To Commands & Gets Distracted; How Can You Help Me?

I can 100% help you with this! I work with these types of issues the most, on a daily basis with pet dogs.

Why You Are Having These Issues

As much as we don’t want to hear it, dogs are very selfish animals. (Yeah, sorry, all those things on Google that you read about dogs or your breed being loyal is a bunch of lies)
Dogs only do things to benefit themselves & better their current situation. Whatever that may be.

This is why your dog isn’t listening to you or being well behaved. It simply has much better & more interesting things to do than listen to you or do as it told.


It is also why you might find your training to be inconsistent. Examples:

· He listens at home but not out of the house
· He doesn’t listen at the start of a walk but does at the end when he is tired
· He listens to my husband/wife/family member more than me
· He listens until I run out of cheese to feed him
· He listens until there is a distraction


How Can We Help You With This Problem?

We need to make it in your dog’s best interest to listen to you & follow instructions. While still being happy & enthusiastic about it!

We can help you to do this with our modern training methods - Operant Conditioning

You will learn:

· How to make it in your dog’s best interest to listen to you

· The phycology behind how your dog ACTUALLY thinks

· How to use your leash correctly

· What your dog values & how to use their values to your advantage

· How to teach your dog rock solid obedience & manner foundations

· How to build on those foundations with distance, distractions, duration & location


Its Not Just The Dog, It’s You Too!

Not only do we have to train the dog, but we also must train the owner to know what to do, how to do it & when to do it.


In Private Lessons or Group Classes
The owner’s behaviour impacts the dog & it’s training. If the owner is doing things incorrectly the dog will become confused, stressed, learn at a slow pace or even not at all.
If the owner doesn’t practice their homework on a regular basis, the training will not progress or work.
We expect commitment & dedication to your training & it will involve homework

After you get your dog back from a Board & Train
We will show you what to do. If the owner doesn’t upkeep the rules or handle the dog correctly once home, the dog will revert or become rusty.


Services suitable to help you with these issues are:
· Private Lesson

· Group Classes – Please note: For some individual dogs & owners, this may not be suitable in the early stages of training, as some dogs may find this environment too over stimulating to learn in initially.

· Board & Train

· Home Visits – Please note: This service is not necessary unless you are having problems WITHIN your home or your dog is extremely nervous or aggressive.

If you have any further questions after reading this, would like to know more about our services, prices, availabilities or how we can help, send us a message!

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