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  • Gemma Johnston

My Dog Is A Lunatic When It Comes Inside, How Do I Get Him To Calm Down?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The first thing we must keep in mind, is the breed you have purchased. Dogs were bred to aid us in work. Guarding, herding, vermin control, hunting, retrieving and much more. Dogs bred for more active jobs, will have more energy. So what breed you have will play a roll in how much energy it will have. If you have bought a Kelpie, Border Collie or breeds alike, you will have more trouble than others.

We also need to consider:

  • If the dog has been taught to do otherwise (Something to do other than jumping around the place)

  • What rules you enforce in your home

  • Is the dog mentally & physically tired?

  • What to teach your dog to do inside instead of being a lunatic?

  • Place Training – A safe place to chill & relax

  • Crate Training – Another safe chill out space’[

  • A relaxed Drop/Down/Lay Down

Rules to consider reinforcing:

  • Should there be a no couch/bed rule

  • Should the dog go to place or crate immediately on entering the house until its calm

  • Allocate time before & after work or duties to exhaust your dog physically & mentally

  • Keep your dog on leash inside the house until he has shown the ability to be calm

  • No one is to excite the dog or play games inside the house

  • Make coming inside happen more frequently to make it less of an “Event” for your dog to be excited over

  • Reward the dog with food for being calm, on place, drop or in its crate

Of course, these rule are up to you and what you wish for your dog to be allowed to do while inside.

IF some of these aren’t followed though, are not done consistently or by everyone, you may have issues with your dog being calm inside the house

When your dog is clear on what it should be doing inside the house and it is clear on the rules the whole family enforce, the dog have quicker improvements.

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