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My Dog Is Being Dominant To Other Dogs, Can You Help Me To Fix This?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

No, I can not help with a “Dominant” dog, as there is no such thing.

Dominance theory is a myth that old school & outdated trainer’s use.

What Is ACTUALLY Happening When You See A “Dominant” Dog or “Dominant” behaviours

The first thing you need to do is when ever you find yourself using the word dominant in regard to dogs, or hear some one else use the word, I want you to change the word dominant to insecure bully.

In reality, this is what a “Dominant” dog is, he is an insecure bully.

When you see kids playing on the playground or at school, there is generally a bully & a wimp, yeah? These two kids have something in common, they are BOTH insecure & feel unsafe but, display it outwardly in different ways

The Bully

Makes himself feel confident, safe & in control by pushing the other dogs around.

Leave this to continue, he will bully the wrong dog eventually, resulting in a fight or he will continue to get into fights as the whole situation has escalated from insecure bulling to fighting.

The Wimp

Wants to avoid all forms of conflict so will try to run away or will roll over.

Keep letting this happen & you dog will have 0 confidence or, will resort to becoming aggressive if push too far for too long

How Do We Resolve This Issue?

Stop putting your dog in these situations!!!

If you continue to let your dog do this behaviour or associate with other dogs who bully, you’ll just make the situation worse!

Before I let any of my dog’s associate with another dog, there are 3 rules I have:

1. I know the owner very well

2. Said owner has effective control over their dog, understands what acceptable dog behaviour is & isn’t. Plus then will step in when their dog is being inappropriate!

3. The dog of said owner is compatible with my dog

If they do not meet these criteria, its simple, your dogs don’t need to associate with that dog.

If they can not meet these 3 rules, don't let them associate.

Now this doesn’t mean the dogs can’t sit their nicely while you have a chat to your friend but they shouldn’t be interacting or playing. There is a difference!

A Little More Insight

Dogs don’t need to play every other dogs, nor do they need to be okay with greeting every dog they see. They shouldn’t be allowed to greet every dog they pass in the first place.

Just like us, we don’t like every one we meet. While we should still be civil & polite, we do not need to associate with some one we simple do not like & there is no point in forcing you to get along with them. If we stuck you in a room with them, there is guaranteed to be an argument at the least.

Its no different for your dog.

My Dog Tries To Bully ALL Dogs, Now What Do I Do?

(Or he is being plain annoying to all dogs)

We need to teach your dog some rock-solid obedience so you have effective control & can teach your dog right from wrong when associating with other dogs. Thus, getting to know your dog better to find suitable dog matches to associate with & avoiding unsuitable ones.

Worst comes to worst, there is nothing wrong with a dog that just simply doesn’t like other dogs but can still behave in a civil manner & is under effective control. There is no need for them to have dog friends.

My dog is "Dominating" Me/ Other People, Not Dogs.
If this is the case, please contact us

Services Suitable To Help You With These Issues Are:

· Home Visits

· Board & Train

· Private Lesson

If you have any further questions after reading this, would like to know more about our services, prices, availabilities or how we can help, send us a message!

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