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  • Gemma Johnston

My Dog Is Nervous & Timid, Can You Help?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Yes, I can certainly help you with these issues but only to a degree. You’ll want to read the next part to understand why I can only partially help you out.

Why Your Dog Is Nervous/Timid

While how you raise them is important & doing things wrong can contribute to these issues, the main component of this issue is their genetics!

Yes, you have purchased a dog that is genetically like this.

The Bad News

You cannot remove genetics from a dog, so this issue is not 100% fixable. You will never have that happy go lucky dog that cool to be in all situations. If you want that type of dog, you need to come to terms with the fact your current dog will NEVER be this.

I know people who have purchased a puppy, done all the right things & tried their absolute best, for the dog to still turn out nervous & timid.

The Good News
While I cannot remove genetics, we can do things to:

· Improve your dog’s confidence

· Make them feel safe

· Desensitize them to scary things

· Have rules in place for them to follow (Scared dogs love rules they can follow, as everything becomes predictable & safe)

· Teach them what to do instead of reacting aggressively

· Manage the trigger & situations they will never be okay in

· And lastly but most importantly EDUCATING THE OWNER. Giving the owner the skills & confidence to handle their dog correctly to make their dog feel they are in safe hands that will advocate for them

Realistic Expectations

Every dog is unique & can only progress to the best of its individual abilities & to the abilities of the owner. While none of these dogs will ever be fully “fixed”, some make huge milestones, others make the best milestones they possibly can. Some unfortunately need to be euthanised as their nervousness can turn into severe Human Aggression, OCD or they are that terrified of the world they have 0 quality of life.

We will not know what your dog can do, until you & your dog has been assessed & we have given it a red hot crack with every option possible for that dog.

Services Suitable To Help You With These Issues Are:

· Home Visits

· Board & Train

· Private Lesson

· Group Classes (In the future once a certain level of skills & control has been achieved) – This will help to expose your dog to many people, dogs & situations in a control environment.

If you have any further questions after reading this, would like to know more about our services, prices, availabilities or how we can help, send us a message!

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