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Does the following describe you?


Hard Working

Likes Attention to the Finer Details



Loves Seeing a Dog Performing to its Best

Loves Seeing A Dog Stable Minded, Confident & Driven

Loves Seeing a Dog Fulfilling a Purpose

You Have a Desire to do More With Your Dog Other Than Basic Manners

Does the following describe your dog or a dog/puppy you plan on getting?



Food & Toy Driven

A Breed That Would Exel In Obedience, Tracking or Protection Work


Then IGP May Be For You! 


What is IGP?

IGP (formerly known as IPO/Schutzhund) is a challenging three part sport (tracking, obedience  and protection) which was originally designed as a breed test for the German Shepherd, and has grown in to a popular sport, as well as continuing to function as a breed test for many reputable German Shepherd breeders. The origins of Schutzhund is based in Germany. Many countries throughout the globe hold national competitions.

Schutzhund was developed as a primary method of producing top level German Shepherd Dogs. The founder of our German Shepherd Dog breed, Max von Stephanitz, believed that these tests were necessary to continue to produce dogs of the highest level of working ability and to weed out those that couldn’t handle it from the gene pool.

​Schutzhund was designed for the German Shepherd, there's no doubt that the most common breed that excels in this breed test/sport is the working line German Shepherd Dog. Other working breeds such as Malinois, Rottweiler & Doberman also excel as well.

When properly trained, Schutzhund provides an arena where you can learn how your dog reacts to stressful situations. The dog also learns to control his drives and learns to obey his owner in any situation. This results in a very well-behaved dog. The duration and breadth of training also helps create a very close and responsive bond between dog and handler.
Some may think protection training will make their dog aggressive towards people. Generally, dogs which have not been aggressive towards people beforehand do not suddenly become aggressive after Schutzhund training.

There are multiple levels of titles that represent progressively harder levels of work.  For each title, there are 300 points available (100 points in each of the three components of tracking, obedience and protection work).  In order to title, a dog must successfully acquire at least 70 points (70%) in each phase.

Are you saying?


I want to be coached in IGP with my current dog!


I Want To Be coached in IGP before I get my IGP Puppy Prospect!

Are you saying?

I don't have a Breed of Dog Listed Above

I want to be coached in the sport for the enrichment of my dog but am unsure if I would compete

Not A Problem

While your dog may not be a breed listed above, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the challenge of learning. Yes your breed of dog may be suited to another sport better, or maybe not all 3 phases of IGP, but you can both still enjoy it if its to your interest!

Starting off with your current dog may begin your addiction to then purchase a breed more suited to the sport.

Don't want to compete? Not A Problem. If your just enriching your dog and you both are learning, that's what is is all about!

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