• Gemma Johnston

My Dog Keeps Escaping My Yard, Help!

Updated: Apr 15

So, you have got an escape artist! This can be stressful coming home to your dog missing or getting a call from the ranger saying your dog is in the pound, again. Even worse, a call from the vet saying your dog has been hit by a car!

Dogs may escape for a few reasons:

  • Stressed & anxious that you have left

  • Boredom

  • Exciting things over the other side of your fence (Other dogs, people, other animals)

  • An ill structured fence or gate, making it just to easy to escape for any dog

  • Some dogs just have a lot more energy & drive to do things, making escaping a yard fun to do

Generally, with these types of dogs, it's going too keep happening, so prevention is key. No amount of training will stop a dog from escaping.

First make sure your yard is actually suitable to hold a dog inside it. If your fences or gates are low, broken, had holes in them or gaps under them, you're just asking for trouble.

If your yard is secure & your dog is still managing to get out these are your options:

  • Crate – If you are out for short periods of time, crate training will house your dog inside, preventing them from escaping.

  • Kennel Run – If you are out for long periods of time building a kennel run to allow for more space, fresh air, shelter, water & play. Making sure you have concrete, brick, mesh or wood floor, walls & roof to securely house your dog

  • Tie Out Lines – If you are out for long or short periods of time a cemented in tie out line allows for movement, play, shelter & water. Preventing them from escaping.

  • Electric Fence – Getting a professional to install an electric boundary fence for your dog will allow them to have full access to the yard as normal by simply wearing a collar & doing a little bit of training to make sure they know where the fence is

  • Keep Them Inside – Keeping them inside will prevent them from escaping the property but it does come with the risks of your belongings being destroyed instead if your dog is destructive

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