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  • Gemma Johnston

Your Dog Is An Angel At Home But Highly Distracted The Moment You Walk Out The Door

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I hear this one all to often!

What you need to realise is that, home is boring. There isn’t anything new to explore, no exciting people, dogs or birds, so on. They’ve slept on that couch all day. How boring!

Now that you take them out for their daily walk, things get much more exciting! So much to see & do, why on earth would they want to do boring things like sit, drop, stay, walk calmly & come back when called, as that boring & soon enough it will be home time.

Can you see why they don’t listen outside the home now? Its really not in their best interest.

We must change their value system in order to keep being the best thing on offer.

To do this:

  • Remove their food bowl & only allow them to obtain their daily food intake when going outside of the house by doing obedience & training

  • If they blow their food off because they are still to distracted, never mind, let them be distracted but they have missed out on ANY food for the rest of the day. They’ll now have to wait until tomorrow.

  • Don’t have to high of expectations by going straight to their favourite park. Keep it simple & just expect focus & obedience in the drive way or across the street. Build on it as they get better.

By doing these things they will build a new habit that the only opportunity to obtain food is by earning it outside the home. It simply doesn’t exist within the home anymore. Therefore, when you go out walking, obtaining food will be on their mind, rather than being distracted.

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